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How To Be A Good Friend And Ask Are You Ok?

Checking in with a friend and asking “are you ok?” when you notice they seem sad or not themselves recently is a really important first step to them getting the help they need.

4 Easy Steps For Asking “Are You Ok?”

1. Ask Are You Ok?

Pick a comfortable place and ask how they’re going. You can mention that you’re a friend to show support and what you’ve noticed so it’s clear why you’re asking.

2. Listen

It’s important to listen carefully without talking over the person you’re concerned about.

3. Encourage Action

You can help the person you’re concerned about find a trusted adult they can talk to about how they’ve been feeling, such as a teacher or parent so that they can find them the right support.

4. Check In

You should ask how they’re going again a few days later. If they don’t want to talk to you about it, you can suggest another friend, sibling, or trusted adult.

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